Sunday, 27 September 2015

Aren't you curious on WHAT Knowledge Management is?

I bet you guys do.
Look nowhere else.  Here it is.

Knowledge Management (KM) is a concept where organization’s knowledge – mainly documents, resources and also the human capital, are being gathered, organized, shared and analysed consciously in comprehensive manners.  The tasks includes data searching and some operational methods to give out the information to the targeted audiences.
In order to address the organizational needs, KM will handles the survey in which it involves the corporation’s goals and also an in-depth examination on both traditional and technical tools .
Like any other things, Knowledge Management also has goals for its existence.  One of it is to enables the managers to sort and detect the relevant organizational contents and also to locate the expertise needed to work out the right business projects and tasks. Another goal of KM is to come up with a map known as 'knowledge map report' or 'KM dashboard' through the analysis of the relationships between activities, topics, contents and also people 

In a much simpler form, KM functions as the process that captures, distribute and effectively use the knowledge (Davenport, 1994).

So, do you find this post made it easier for you to understand what KM is? If it so, we're glad you did.

See you again in another post :)

This post is reviewed from and an article by Michael E. D. Koenig in

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